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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman EPISODE 203, 5th November 2020
The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid as a Salon Owner, and more
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The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid as a Salon Owner, and more

Do you ever have something go wrong in your business, or learn a lesson and think:

Damn, I wish I’d known that before!

I know the feeling, and I’ve been there! That’s why in this episode, I’m going to share all my best advice on owning a Salon based off of my own experience…

...From buying my own Salon at only 19 years old- with only me and one other team member- to 20 years later when I grew a team of 30!

Trust me, I made all the mistakes under the sun, and now i’m sharing my journey so that things can be different for you!

Tune into this episode - it’s actually a replay from The MUK Haircare Global Podcast where I was a Podcast guest (rather than host) for once! 

MUK's Global Artistic Director Clive Allwright and Global Technical and Education Manager Judi Seeley ask me all the juicy questions you’re dying to know… plus more!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Learn the biggest Mistakes to Avoid as a Business Owner
  2. Listen as I'm asked some juicy questions!
  3. Deep-Dive more into my story


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