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Elevate.Together.Podcast. - Elevate Services EPISODE 15, 15th December 2020
Danny Gilbert - A Firm That Matters
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Danny Gilbert - A Firm That Matters

This Next Normal Leadership series podcast features Elevate's Chairman and CEO, Liam Brown, talking with Danny Gilbert, the Managing Partner of Gilbert + Tobin. Gilbert + Tobin is a firm of over 830 persons with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. 

During this surprising episode, Liam and Danny cover BIG topics in a quick 20 minutes.   Including leading during challenging and changing times, the need to embrace change - specifically technology, and meeting and exceeding expectations – as a leader with a viewpoint, a provider of solutions - and a contributing member of the greater community.  

'You have to be on top of the technological changes and the new software systems that are going to become available across everything we do, and there's probably very little we do that can't be automated' - Danny Gilbert.


Episode highlights include:


[01:01] –  The beginning, the middle, and G+T today… one of Australia's leading corporate law firms

[02:47] –  A firm that matters, an influencer firm…

[06:35] -  For a society to work, all of the constituent elements of that society need to step up…

[10:15] – As a leader, you have to have a view that is carefully thought about and expressed

[13:41] -  Danny is feeling both prepared and optimistic

[14:28] -  Technology enables complex work - and increases expectations around capacity and delivery

[18:15]  - You need to be on top of technological changes… if automation is going to take expense out of the business, then clients expect you do that

[19:15] -  Meeting the expectations of colleagues and clients while running a business … profitability and financial strength are incredibly important