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Infinite Potentiality - Unconditioned Source Energy
Episode 25913th July 2023 • The Genesis Frequency • Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna
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In this episode I pick up where I left off a couple episodes back in my podcast entry titled; 'The Field of Infinite Potential - Unconditioned Energy.' In this piece I hope to offer more clarity around this state of awareness. You'll hear about your own personal doorway to a place in consciousness where all things are possible.

This is the field of infinite, pure potentiality from which all things have proceeded. I want to help make you aware of the reality of this pure, raw, unconditioned field so that you eventually develop an always on awareness of this Unconditioned Source Energy. When you do, you will realize this is your essence, and you have been given the power, being of it, to mold and shape it intentionally and deliberately.

I often tell you that you can be, do and have it all; the desires of your heart, personally and professionally, and this is true. In this episode I continue to lead you into this field from which all things have come.

You must rise higher in conscious awareness of this field of infinite potential. When you consciously move to an awareness of Unconditioned Source Energy you’ll realize you are the creator of your experiences, that nothing is withheld from you, and that you are the creator of your conditions – desirable or undesirable – including any false limitations you may be placing on yourself.

Isn’t it time you satisfy any longing and discontent you may have been experiencing by living your worthy, ideal life? It IS time to move into the greatest, grandest version of you, it's time to move from a consciousness of impossible to possible and it all starts here.

Listen in now and begin to experience your own radical transformation.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

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