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Writing Therapy for PTSD. Stuart L. Scott, former CID Agent
Episode 10316th November 2020 • Your Positive Imprint • Catherine Praiswater
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Stuart L. Scott, former Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Agent found the criminal investigations stressful. They left him with intrusive thoughts. The public knows PTSD as something that combat veterans succumb to but PTSD issues appear in vastly different unrecognized aspects of life. PTSD just shows itself in many different ways and anybody can be affected by post-traumatic stress disorder.   

Wine-maker, glass artisan and now author, Stuart L. Scott, turned to writing therapy to control his PTSD issues. He shares some of his CID investigations that until recently caused PTSD. Writing down these events through writing therapy opened up an avenue for storytelling.

The author also reads excerpts from two published novels. Prisoners of War is an historical fiction romance novel that finds the reader asking the question, “what would I do if my loved one was put into an internment camp because of their race?” The other book is Gritty, Grisly and Greedy Stories Inspired by True Crooks and Crimes from My 20 Years as a Fed. His newest book, Spirit Lake Payback is not featured on the podcast. It just came out in October.