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THIRST For More Podcast - Brandon Smitley | Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training EPISODE 5, 26th May 2020
E 05 | COVID-19, TPS Method, and Bull Shittin' With C.J. Murphy of TPS
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E 05 | COVID-19, TPS Method, and Bull Shittin' With C.J. Murphy of TPS

0:00 – Show Intro

3:15 – Podcast begins

3:32 – Murph's plan to lobby for gyms like his in Massachusetts

11:40 – "Culture coaches when you're not around"

26:35 – "There will be another lock down"

30:51 – The history of Total Performance Sports

41:45– Murph discusses how personal training moved to group and semi-private training

48:01 – What is the TPS Method?

50:40 – Jesse Burdick interrupts the podcast

1:00:36– Big on the basics - we have a responsibility

1:10:52– How Murph and Brandon Smitley met via Elitefts, and what's it's done for them

1:17:24– The first time Murph met Jim Wendler

1:19:11– Murph's recommendations for starting a gym - "Don't"

1:30:00– Murph and Brandon reminisce on old Elitefts stories

About C.J. Murphy

Instagram: @tpsmalden @tpsmethod

Website: TPSMethod.com

Murph is the owner of Total Performance Sports in Malden, Massachusetts and the creator of the Total Performance Method and the Total Performance Method for Powerlifting (tpsmethod.com). His gym was featured as one of America’s 20 Best Gyms – twice. Murph is on the Advisory Board for Men’s Fitness magazine and Muscle and Fitness magazine. He has almost 30 years’ experience as a coach, athlete, and certified nutritionist. Murph is a retired Strongman competitor and former National Powerlifting Champion.