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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast - Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 680, 23rd March 2020
What Did Jesus Say? – Terry Christian pt 1
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What Did Jesus Say? – Terry Christian pt 1

What Did Jesus Say 

Terry Christian pt 1

The Bible is known as “The Word of God.” As it is and as it should be. Jesus is known as “The Son of God.” As He is and as He should be. Then, in John chapter 1 verse 1, we read, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God…” Drop to verse 14 and we read, “And the Word was made FLESH and dwelt among us…”

This scripture is referring to JESUS. Amen…don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good!

So, if the entire Bible is the Word of God…and the Word of God became flesh in the form and body of Jesus, it would make sense that everything Jesus said would be, what? “The Word of God.”

If you were talking with some important businessman and that person was going to give you his “secret for success,” would you rather go and read a synopsis of his life, or listen to what he actually would say to YOU?

That is how we should treat the Four Gospels because they record what Jesus had to say TO US.

Well, my guest today has spent 12 years completing an absolutely marvelous book called, “What Did Jesus Say: The Seven Messages from the Master.”

Terry Christian is a former inspirational speaker and executive trainer with over 20 years of experience giving more than 2500 presentations to audiences across American and Canada. Several years ago, he retired from public speaking after being led by the Holy Spirit in what he calls a “redirection for his life.”

Today, he counsels individuals and couples seeking a more mature understanding of their relationship with Jesus Christ. He believes the message taught by Jesus was “The Way by The Word.” Amen.

Now, coming all the way from Jamaica, where he now lives, help me welcome to the program, Reverend Terry Christian. Terry, thank you for coming on the program today!

Terry, the first question I always ask is this. Other than the information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Terry Christian?”

Your ministry is called “Foundations for Life.” Tell us about your ministry?

You started out, as I said, as an inspirational speaker. How does that mesh with what you do now?

I love reading about the “Words of Jesus.” I have interviewed the author of the book “The Red Letter Bible.” I am really impressed with how you organized your book “What Did Jesus Say: Seven Messages from the Master.”

What was your motivation for writing this book?

What is it that you hope to accomplish with this book? What is the take away you hope your readers will receive?

How is this book different from most Christian books?

We see, at the time of this recording, mass chaos in the world because of this Wuajan Virus or Corona Virus, it has different names. Jamaica is really a tourist destination, not just for Americans, but around the world. How has this virus and all that is happening right now affecting the normal life of the people where you are at?

What do you think the Christians should be doing right now in this turbulent times?

What do you think Jesus would say in this day and hour in which we live?

Let’s go back to your book for a minute. Can you tell us a synopsis of what the 7 messages of Jesus are?


Email: terry@revchristian.com

Website: www.foundationsforlife.org

Book: What Did Jesus Say: Seven Messages from the Master – on Amazon