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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 12th May 2019
88: Chemical Engineering in Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing – Stacey Delvecchio
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88: Chemical Engineering in Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing – Stacey Delvecchio

Stacey Delvecchio earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and is heavily involved in additive manufacturing (3D printing).

[1:10] goes into 3D printing a bit and how chemical engineering degree fits into 3D printing and manufacturing – as long as you continue to learn – opportunities will become available.

[4:20] Ways to investigate on 3D printing – youtube, linked in, pretty much anywhere on the web. — search for additive manufacturing .

[5:30] One thing we do not know about additive manufacturing – there are many metal parts being manufactured this way with high quality and there are many parts that the only way to make it is with additive manufacturing.

[8:10] How important to start getting involved in organizations – Stacey thinks this is very valuable.

[10:00]} What has Stacey really fired up are the use cases for 3D printing – something that has actually been design for additive manufacturing.

[11:20] An ah – ha moment – How 3D printing in space may help with mining planets in the future.

[14:20] Getting through college – wishes she would have taken some more risks especially when doing internships/co-ops.

[16:15] Best advice – be present – do not multitask – when in a meeting or at an event focus on that. And a personal habit is doing a lot of reading. And her favorite app is “good reads” and a book she would recommend is “The Notorius Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG)” by Irin Carman

[19:10] parting guidance is it is OK if you don’t know what you really want to do.

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