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128 Procrastination – ADHD Balance & Timing – Copper
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128 Procrastination – ADHD Balance & Timing – Copper

Good Procrastination & How To Use It Effectively

Jeff Copper - is an ADHD coach with considerable coaching and teaching experience who is on the same mission as our team here at CBJ. Procrastination is but one coaching and teaching focus for this very busy ADHD expert. With multiple media productions from videos, to audio programs to prolific YouTube training videos, Jeff very consistently sets an exemplary tone for effective international communication about executive function issues and downstream challenges - such as procrastination.

In this interesting interview, we discuss in detail the process of procrastination, timing and effective, proactive action - and the affirmative value of what may be considered by some only as the procrastination negative. Herein we reconsider procrastination in entertaining and enlightening detail. Tune in to change your mind, we might be able to make procrastination work for you - without rationalization!

Ed Note: On My Good Times With Jeff

At first, Jeff and I simply bumped into each other at various meetings, from CHADD to the National ADHD Coaches Organization. I still remember very well how much we both appreciated Dr. Russell Barkley's remarks years ago when Russ added Executive Function insights to the previous appearance-based diagnostic criteria still used as the standard of care today.

We all know that 'Hyperactive,' 'Inattentive,' and 'Combined,' simply don't cover the complexity of executive function challenges. Appearance, behavioral diagnoses are helpful but woefully insufficient. Barkley's insights offer more precise answers - improved target recognition. If both patient and medical teams truly understand and recognize the moving brain targets, the dialogue in global offices will improve markedly - simply because the patient can say, "Yes you hit it," or, "Not yet." [Functional diagnostic targets explained in 8 detailed videos in this Executive Function playlist: http://www.corepsych.com/diagnosis]

Shortly after that first meeting we both quickly realized that we're on the same path. It's not inconsequential that we have, in a way, grown up together. I truly admire Jeff and his work and appreciate this opportunity to tease apart some of his ideas here at CBJ on my second interview with him. Our first interview, more than a year ago here at CBJ/017, discussed the evolution of thinking regarding ADHD/Executive Function diagnosis and treatment. [See my Jeff Copper video playlist - for the times when Jeff interviewed me.]

Jeff is well beyond Byzantine speculations and often dives deeply into evidence and data for more precise thinking and more precise, data-driven solutions.


Jeff Reports On Procrastination, ADHD And Time

  • I'm really an Attention Coach [spp-timestamp time="6:59"]
  • Why talk about procrastination [spp-timestamp time="9:38"]
  • The brain learns to take short cuts [spp-timestamp time="11:34"]
  • Notes from experience and Thinking Fast and Slow [spp-timestamp time="14:18"]
  • Example: psychiatric procrastination [spp-timestamp time="16:57"]
  • Example: managing the process of working memory [spp-timestamp time="21:50"]
  • On the Reality of Time [spp-timestamp time="25:55"]
  • Sponsor Notes: The Berry Robinson Center & Direct Health Access Laboratory [spp-timestamp time="32:45"]
  • Self-management, recovery, denial - and the Pause [spp-timestamp time="35:58"]
  • When the Pause clicks into self-realization [spp-timestamp time="41:28"]
  • Self-observation and transcendence [spp-timestamp time="42:50"]


Jeff Copper's Websites & CBJ Interviews on ADHD & Thinking


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