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Debunking Myths About Product Management
Episode 1614th February 2023 • Trying to Product • Parv Sondhi and Alex Cox
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Debunking myths around Product Management

Being a PM comes with a horde of challenges, but explaining what makes a PM great with respect to myths is even harder. What does the role not revolve around given there is no PM school? 

In today's episode, Parv and Alex debunk some common and uncommon product management myths you are likely to come across. Skewed by both skills and experience, the two burst out myths that you may be wise to consider.

Join Parv Alex as they chat about:

  • As a PM you're the CEO of the products [1:16]
  • Being a PM is dissimilar across different companies [5:20]
  • Overlapping responsibility between a PM and UX [11:23]
  • Project Vs product management [15:53]
  • As a PM all you do is write requirements [20:10]
  • PMs need specific certifications [24:27]
  • You need PM experience to be a PM [29:04]
  • As a PM you're only building what customers want

… and so much more! 

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