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UNCOVER: Cam Davis
Episode 813th November 2021 • Black In The Saddle • Abriana Johnson
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What horse-loving person hasn't seen Spirit: The Stallion of the Cimmaron? What horse-lovign hopeful hasn't dreamt of seeing wild horses and galloping across open plans. Well, now we know this is very much illegal, but this episode shares what could truly be the next best thing.

In this episode, Cam Davis shares her journey owning, training, and learning from wild mustangs. She shares a glimpse into her learning and training processes and how they have had to evolve based on the challenges she has faced. Cam can be found on social media sharing incredible insights about her experiences owning Zen, a 6-year-old Mustang adopted during the summer of 2021.

If you want to learn more about Cam and the Mustangs she advocates for, check out the following links!

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