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Why CRM is Vital to Automotive Shop Success [THA 359]
Episode 35921st December 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Our panel discusses the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the success of auto repair shops. They highlight CRM's role in client retention, communication, and building trusted relationships. The discussion also covers the significance of integrating CRM with shop management systems and the potential for automation and reminders based on customer data. The panelists stress the importance of the first 100 days in the customer journey, the need for consistent touchpoints, and personalized communication.
Gregg Rainville, Steer by Mechanic Advisor. Jessica Carrino, Sparks Tire & Auto, St. Charles, MO. Jaron Kleber, Repair Shop of Tomorrow, National Sales Manager. Jaron’s previous episodes HERE Steve Finzel, Finzel’s Mastertech, Terre Haute, IN. Steve’s previous episodes HERE Show Notes:
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  • Client Retention and CRM (00:00:01) Discussion about the importance of CRM in client retention, communication, and building trusted relationships.
  • Integrating CRM with Shop Management System (00:03:33) Importance of connecting CRM to the shop management system for consistent messaging and customer communication.
  • Turning Customers into Clients with CRM (00:05:45) Exploring the potential of CRM to turn customers into loyal clients by setting up reminders for future service needs and sales opportunities.
  • The first 100 days with a new customer (00:08:34) Discussion on the importance of communication and touchpoints with new customers in the first 100 days, including feedback, check-ins on deferred services, and personalizing communication.
  • Customer retention through CRM (00:10:13) Exploration of the use of CRM systems to retain customers, including advanced filtering, finding lost customers, and maintaining communication through touchpoints.
  • Utilizing Google reviews for reputation and new customers (00:12:23) The significance of Google reviews in building reputation and attracting new customers, with personal experiences shared by shop owners and the effectiveness of implementing a CRM program.
  • Managing legacy customers and effective communication (00:18:15) Tips on how to engage with legacy customers through personalized gestures and the importance of clear and relevant communication.
  • The role of service advisors in CRM (00:19:45) Exploring the role of service advisors in editing inspections, communicating with customers, and ensuring proper integration with CRM for effective customer engagement.
  • The importance of email reminders (00:24:09) The panelist shares a personal experience of receiving an oil change reminder through text, which prompted them to book an appointment after receiving an email reminder later.
  • Utilizing data and training for CRM success (00:25:16) The panelist discusses the significance of tracking and measuring data in CRM, as well as the importance of training employees on accessing and utilizing the available data.
  • Improving customer experience with CRM (00:25:47) The panelist emphasizes the need for a customer success team that focuses on analyzing data and making marketing decisions based on shop management system data.
  • The first touchpoint (00:30:46) Checking in with the customer two days after the visit, ensuring their satisfaction and introducing the CRM's communication benefits.
  • The third touchpoint (00:31:31) Reminding customers about any declined repairs from the DVI 30 days later, using text and email to grab their attention.
  • The 60-day touchpoint (00:32:18) Sending a friendly text with a list of declined services, making it more humanized and including a call to action scheduling link.
  • Integration of CRM with shop management systems (00:38:14) Mention of the need for CRM to work with existing systems.
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