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Way Off the Record - Scott Ambrosino EPISODE 24, 14th June 2020
Constance Cooks
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Constance Cooks

Constance has a BA, MA, and PhD and an offer to teach Feminist Art at the University of Saskatchewan at Regina. But she has a cooking problem. Rather than move to the Great White North to find stability (and universal healthcare), she slings cocktails and dreams of hosting a cooking show from her tiny New York City studio apartment featuring the local artist/writers/actors she enlists as guests/sous chefs. Will Constance’s culinary quest lead to a recipe for a happy life, or will she fall flat on her face like a failed soufflé?

Learn more about Constance and her partner Marc, the dynamic duo behind this amazing show at: https://www.constancecooks.com/ and follow them on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/constancecooks/?hl=en