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Get Legit Law & Sh!t - Emily D. Baker, Esq. EPISODE 15, 15th January 2020
The Sunday Riley FTC Settlement, False Advertising, and Ben & Jerry’s
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The Sunday Riley FTC Settlement, False Advertising, and Ben & Jerry’s

The Sunday Riley FTC settlement gives us a lot of insight to the direction the FTC is taking their action towards false advertising claims, and some amazing tea. I am not going to lie, I love it when the FTC isn’t afraid to just lay someone out. That said the Sunday Riley FTC settlement doesn’t require Sunday Riley to admit fault, so everything stated is alleged. However, alleged with quite a bit of actual quotes, and evidence, but still fault has not been admitted by Sunday Riley.

You can find the blog post that goes with this episode HERE!

The stories covered are:

Sunday Riley



Social Media Guidelines


University of Phoenix


Ben & Jerry’s



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