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Biggest Challenges Women Face During a Divorce
Episode 837th April 2020 • Local First • Rob Kochanski
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Hey local listeners!

This is a very interesting episode. I was not sure what I was getting into. But by the end, I learned a lot about Rhonda and her passion for helping women going through a divorce.

Rhonda Noordyk key take aways:

  • Don't assume anything
  • Surround yourself with a team
  • Asking the right questions
  • Don't let emotions run the process
  • Get prepared now
  • Get organized

Connect with Rhonda:

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Twitter: @RNoordyk


About Rhonda Noordyk


Rhonda Noordyk's relentless pursuit of financial justice for women going through divorce drove her to leave the financial industry in 2014 to open The Women's Financial Wellness Center. She was in search of a better way. She used her knowledge, passion and experience to build a leading-edge business model. The intention was to create a business that provided a safe place for women - especially those in a vulnerable position - to find their paths, find their voices and find the financial confidence they need to lift themselves out of seemingly hopeless situations. Since starting the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, after a 10+ year career in the financial industry, she has helped alleviate financial vulnerability for thousands of women.

​In addition to being the Founder & CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center, Rhonda is also a professional speaker. While her platform is women’s money wellness, it is not just about money. Her topics include: assertive communication, boundaries, leadership and overcoming financial myths. Her speaking experience includes: GE Healthcare, UWM Women’s Leadership Conference and Marquette Law School. In addition, she has appeared on Fox6 News, Real Milwaukee, and Morning Blend. Her dynamic and inspirational style leaves women with a sense of empowerment.

​Lastly, Rhonda teaches courses at Waukesha County Technical College. Rhonda has a bachelor’s degree from Carroll University, Waukesha, Wisconsin. She resides in Oconomowoc with her husband, Tim, and their three daughters.

To connect with Rhonda directly, email her at

Rhonda's Story

Growing up with very few financial resources and a challenging family dynamic, I knew there had to be a better way. Call me an old soul, but I knew my life had significance and that God would use those situations and experiences for good. In 2002, I entered the financial industry and began teaching in higher education. I found my passion for empowering women by sharing my knowledge, developing curricula, studying industry trends, and hosting focus groups. It was no longer just theory—it was reality! Women were hurting, and they looking for someone who could help guide them through the financial maze of divorce. I realized I needed to create a model that was unique and supported the entire person. That was relational, not transactional. Twelve years later, I united my passion for education and financial empowerment and opened the Women’s Financial Wellness Center. I wanted to create something different: a smart, close-knit community where women could get fully-independent, relationship-based coaching and resources to help them make confident financial decisions. We’ve helped hundreds of women restore their confidence and belief in themselves. Seeing these women become stronger individuals and entrepreneurs is my mission and opening the Women’s Financial Wellness Center is one of the best things I have ever done.

If your goal when booking a speaker is to engage your audience and get them talking, Rhonda Noordyk is the perfect choice. Rhonda is disrupting the divorce industry by sharing her experience and observations as the secret weapon for the women she serves.

Something unique happens when she asks questions no one else has the guts to ask. The status quo gets uncomfortable and at times, they begin to feel like someone is sharing insider information that they would rather not have the world know.

Rhonda owns and operates the Women’s Financial Wellness Center which means she is a frontline servant for women going through divorce. Now, Rhonda has packaged her education and experience into the unvarnished truth about the divorce process and how the system worries more about the professionals doing the work than the clients whose lives have been turned upside down.

Fresh ideas, tough questions and thoughtful alternatives will prevail when you book Rhonda Noordyk to speak at your next event.

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