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PTP.042: Sticky Living
3rd June 2019 • Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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PTP.042: Sticky Living

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Hello, good people. And welcome to the pathway to promise YouTube channel with Dr. Brad Miller that's me. We're glad that you're here today, we're talking about sticky, getting Sticky, sticky together. So what we're here on the pathway to promise YouTube channel is to share words of hope and encouragement. And to help you get on a pathway to peace, prosperity and purpose. You can you know, if you like what we're doing here, please subscribe to subscribe and give us a thumbs up. We appreciate that. And in reading that little bell there, so we can you can get more issues of the pathway to promise podcast you'll also find out more at pathway and our podcast pathway to promise podcast. sticking together an old story is about two guys who are out fishing. And they went fishing in a little small rowboat. And Dave is pretty uneventful to one of their eyes, hooked on a big huge fish. He's trying to reel it in all of a sudden, he couldn't handle it. He struggled all sudden, this big fish get it pulled him overboard. And he can indian guy, the guy couldn't swim, it began to panic and, and yelling, screaming, and he started yelling his buddy, save me Save the salmon, the friend rates down to you know, to try to grab me and he got ahold of his hair, cut his head. And he pulled and pulled the info and the guys to pay came off. That didn't do any good does it? And he went out of the water again. And he came up Xiaomi Help me Help me Help me Help me and the guy to preach the friend that reached out again. And he was able to grab a hold of the man's arm by his wrist. And he pulled it pulled. And it was an artificial limb his plastic arm came off. That sounded good. The guy is in worse shape. Now he starts to flailing around again. And he's drowning. He's kicking and he and the man the other his buddy reaches out and grabs him by the foot and pulls a foot and it's an artificial leg that he's got. He pulled the one leg off and then it continues flashing. Why would you help me? Why would you help me help me? I'm going to drown it finally the other guy called that kind of disgusted man. How can I help you if you don't stick together? How can I help you if you don't stick together? It's a choice. We make friends to stick together. We can stick together our own psyche and our own emotions if we choose to. We don't have to fall apart when bad things happen. And moreover, we need to stick together in community with other people that might be if you're married, that your spouse or maybe your kids or some snitch significant group of friends, stick together, encourage them and let them encourage you. You know, that is you know, there's a lot of there's so much division in the world right now. So much division people are separated by all kinds of things, you know, divorce happens, disease comes in break, you know, is a horrible thing to deal with. We got you know, all kinds of political unrest and you know, there's you know, violence, all kinds of things that want to divide us, let's choose to stick together don't live in isolation. Isolation can lead to depression. And that's not what this is about. We need to get out and connect with other people. And along the way Yeah, there's going to be you know, when people get together, sometimes it's going to be conflict, but you can choose to work through that if you do stick together if you have a bigger goal in mind and so beautiful thing it's a beautiful thing when you stick together and have community so if you feel like things your life are falling apart, maybe they are but I would encourage you to choose to get with other people in your life and choose to stick together maybe we can be helpful to one another in that put your comments below if you've what ways do you stick together without with other people? Some of the things that you do to build community and give Let us know your comments are you going to go over to pathway promise calm. And that's where our blog is at. And also the podcast pathway to promise a podcast you can check that out. We bring in we have interviews with great leaders who have found ways to overcome adversity, that they've had their life to live a life of peace, prosperity and purpose. That's what I know that you can do if you choose to stick together. I'm Dr Brad Miller here to help you stick together in your life. And I want to see you next time here on the pathway to promise YouTube channel. Until then, I encourage you to keep your promises because there is power and a promise kept

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