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Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast - Joe Hawley EPISODE 12, 19th October 2020
Showing Up As Love with Carl Cote
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Showing Up As Love with Carl Cote

This week we have Carl Cote on the Podcast! Carl is a friend that I met through Fit For Service. In this podcast, we dive into Carl’s battle with cancer and how it has influenced his spiritual path, a father of two, and an explorer of the causes of dis-ease and solutions to healing humanity. He has a unique perspective on the unanswerable questions of the Universe. I hope you enjoy this episode!

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Carl’s battle with cancer, how it shaped his life, and why he chose an unconventional path of treatment 
  • How going inward during treatment allowed Carl to tap into his intuitive side and a new set of abilities 
  • The body as an antenna for the frequencies of spirit 
  • How expectations and stories can lead to suffering, and practical tools we can use to let go of these stories and surrender to love 
  • How we can use feedback from others as a mirror for how we are showing up in the world 
  • Understanding and overcoming our deep feelings of lack and unworthiness 

Tools and works discussed in this episode:

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