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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker
001 Parker – Why CoreBrain Journal Matters
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001 Parker – Why CoreBrain Journal Matters

Welcome to CoreBrain Journal

Measure what is measurable,
and make measurable what is not so.
Galileo ~ 1640

CoreBrain Journal Investigates Comprehensive Solutions With Global Experts

You're looking for answers - I am too. Let's travel together.

I don't know it all, but I do know where to look. Here at CoreBrain Journal, I share my discoveries with you. After 50 years of experiences in the street trenches as a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, psychopharmacologist, medical director in hospital psychiatry, and clinician/author - lecturer in addiction medicine, I belatedly discovered I had to look much deeper. After > 20 years of national presentations teaching psychopharmacology [regarding bipolar, depression and ADHD], and 13 years with clinical diagnostic experience with SPECT brain imaging, I still needed improved insights.

A traveler sees what he sees.
A tourist sees what he has come to see.
Gilbert K Chesterton

Through intentional searching, my looking tools have changed. I look more carefully now for measures not seen by the traveler or the tourist. And my mission is to engage you in that same search - closer to the truth - the biological realities of thinking, feeling and actions.

Now after more than a decade using additional functional medicine measures based on molecular neurophysiology - I'm still looking for even better answers from thought leaders in every global corner of mind science. https://corebrainjournal.com/tests

In my lifetime diagnostic mind markers have dramatically changed from interesting dream interpretations to molecular physiology. From direct experience, I can report to you from thousands of second opinions that the essential wheels of change necessary for improved care continue to turn too slowly.


I love this opportunity here at CoreBrain Journal to share our CBJ guests and data-driven solutions with you. It takes a team to drive orthodoxy, dogma and limited thinking forward - and translate those insights down to actionable applications - for our many street levels globally.

I do hope you'll join me on my journey to face the reality of fresh neuroscience inquiry - and take my lead to ask questions in the comments on any Episode page - I answer all of them.

Why Markers Matter: Without them, we're lost in a Sea of Maybes

I am fascinated by the indecisive moment -
and the peripheral view.
~ Doug Aitken

Details matter.

New markers encourage the most efficient, the most comprehensive solutions. CoreBrain Journal is about both the reality/existence of new markers and the consequences of more measured, predictable answers. The ocean of mind-misunderstandings is vast out there - cold, and remarkably challenging. Come on in, warm up, kick off your shoes, and let's climb these next lighthouse stairs together to turn on all the marker lights and monitor the realities we see with these new tools in changing weathers.

The Welcome mat is out, our collective journey is already underway, let's start to look more carefully at our next travel options together. It's the perfect time to start because new maps make mind journeys far less complicated. Changing, yet measurable, biomedical reality reveals a complex world that requires professional translations and client insights to travel with fewer shipwrecks.

My previous reports on Comprehensive Solutions biomedical markers matter

First, a few personal words about me and our mission: I started writing about mind complexity back in 1992 with my first book Deep Recovery after years of dealing with addiction/recovery platitudes and emotionally driven, imperious, dogmatic recovery demands preloaded with pervasive biomedical denial.

Even today recovery from dependency challenges too often misses an appreciation of the underlying mental issues regarding self-esteem, self-management - and the importance of balanced relationships for any effective recovery process.

Yet today recovery must include additional biological data - beyond informed self-management.

In the last ten years, I've written over 460 articles at CorePsych.com, exploring new data-driven diagnostic and treatment perspectives for mental health and recovery.

More recently I wrote New ADHD Medication Rules - Brain Science and Common Sense [2013] after years of missing biomedical diagnostic marks in my offices - in spite of using advanced inquiries with new technology such as SPECT Functional Brain Imaging.

Today CoreBrain Journal, for more than three years, embraces the obvious problems of misdiagnosis and treatment - such as the diagnostic and treatment controversy of "ADHD." Here at CBJ professionals and experienced clients dig deeper to discuss encouraging diagnostic and treatment protocols for the entire spectrum of mind science.

Practical, data-driven solutions now support a revision of precision in the global standard of brain care. Good treatment from coaching to medications absolutely requires effective communication about these new target opportunities and new treatment maps.

About you, here at CBJ - Please Chime In

Now before you climb inside this Bright Lighthouse here at Port Clyde, ME, take a brief moment to think about this critical perspective: what you think, who you are. What you already know from your life experiences matters deeply. Your personal experience of self-observation can now ultimately become part of our collective CoreBrain Journal mapping process. Your pain and frustrations can provide anonymous lessons for all of us - so consider this: you may wish to share them here at CBJ. If you have a story of unexpected recovery in the light of new science, please share it - anonymously or not.

Others who haven't experienced your reality will grow from your improved perspectives. Your sharing will make a difference in someone's life.

001 - This Parker Introduction: Why I'm here with you

If you don't look, you can't see.
- Parker 2003

This first episode provides a brief personal report about our mission with CoreBrain Journal, and why I'm so deeply involved in our mutual CoreBrain Journal objectives.

Why Links from Episode 001:

Why Topics Mentioned in this Episode

  • The inadequacy of our current diagnostic and treatment system, and the limitations of appearances.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment based on appearances are helpful but in the context of modern neuroscientific discoveries: Excellent, but not enough.
  • Stay here at CBJ for insightful, compelling assessment solutions and treatment options.
  • Extraordinary researchers and experienced clients document their experiences with new mind discoveries.

Items in this Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why and how we should work together to connect others with these new data points.
  • Personal notes: what drives me to ask the hard questions. Also, see the link to the CBJ About Page.
  • An attitude of curiosity will improve your perceptions it has my own.

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CoreBrain Journal Welcome

001 Parker Intro

Welcome, this is Dr. Charles Parker with an intro to tell you about our mission here at CoreBrain Journal - and why I’m with you at this moment.

Core brain science is dramatically changing.

Today’s mind science provides for all of us a Galileo Mind Moment as we leave the Dark Ages of how things used to look to now see how they are in reality. The sun does appear to rotate around the earth, but new telescopic technology, both then and now, enlarges our universal vision. The biological brain is currently talking to us through a variety of incredible modern telescopes.

Why so many mind problems?

In a word: complexity. The mind, and the body that carries the mind lives in a dynamic balance. Over time it changes and grows in the context of many unexplored, rarely discussed, biologically driven, active, molecular and cellular networks.

So what exactly is the problem you ask?

When mind targets and treatments do work, there is no problem. When they don’t work, relationships & wasted lifetimes result in extreme confusion and emotional turmoil that can endure for generations. Lives are lost. Just glance back for a moment at previous generations, and you’ll see what I mean. The particular problem, the exact problem, is medical treatment resistance and treatment failure - with the relentless downstream effect of denial, psychiatric stigma, and the capricious use of psychotropic medications for labels that way too often miss the reality, the details of human biomedical complexity.

Consider these essential features not adequately addressed in the current DSM-5 Diagnostic Manuel: brain function, biomedical reality, change, context, time, and thinking - cognition. Labels are reductionistic and static, but the brain is a dynamic complexity of moving parts over time.

Reality changes as well. Context matters for diagnosis and treatment.

Consider this inarguable paradox: while ADHD is a predominantly a thinking problem, cognition - the process of thinking - remains out of the diagnostic discussion while superficial, observable behaviors continue to rule that imprecise diagnostic landscape. Too often specific treatment targets are overlooked because we’re treating thinking, without thinking about thinking.

Too often what looks like ADD, “Attention Deficit Disorder,” is AAD - Attention Abundance Disorder, far more functionally accurate and less disrespectful than Deficit, but not yet in the DSM-5 in 2016. Yes, New Rules are in order. With new patients, I often discover treatment opportunities missed for decades by looking beyond the limitations of labels.

The good news

Exciting recent discoveries in core biomedical sciences now measure persuasive details for both brain and body activities. These new data points create fresh opportunities for more precise mind outcomes.

But balanced resources for open discussion, for translation, for understanding, and for actually using, applying, those discoveries, often don’t reach the street level - for either providers or their clients. Useful information is available, but too few understandable; teaching connections keep us in the Dark Ages.

Our mission at CoreBrain Journal: To connect and translate new, useful mind information for street-level applications there, in the trenches, for both providers and clients, at every level of brain engagement. Main Street wants improved answers.

From the macros of brain imaging to the insightful micros of presynaptic transporter proteins, from addictions to neurofeedback and transcranial magnetic stimulation - at CBJ we’ll bring insights for your commentary and review. Let’s move past gossip and conjecture and talk about what’s happening today in mind science.

And let’s immediately stop calling people names - then throwing meds at old labels. The time has come to dig down into the specifics, the universal reality of this new biomedical complexity. Together we must improve the dialogue and bring an end to guesswork, mystery, dreams, and labels based upon simplistic appearances.

Together we can make a difference.

We do hope you’ll join us in our frank discussions - as together we will search for more likely answers. Your contribution to thinking and experience will prove valuable to others looking for answers. CoreBrain Journal connects measurement and treatment tools with the experiences of real people.

Our Core Mission at CoreBrain Journal is this collective opportunity for all of us to embrace and effectively communicate those current data-driven changes - to foster and forward improved, more precise thinking for CBJ listeners and participants everywhere.

On a more personal note:

Today’s provocative mind measurement tools create new solutions that just weren’t available when I started psychiatric training 45 years ago – and were not available for Main Street office applications even five years ago.

My passion for discoveries is born from my many years of office frustration.

I hate treatment failure, especially with patients on my watch, and I know that my history of missed targets, what has happened to me, can happen to you. I especially hate to overlook any mark in the context of my lifetime of multiple attempts with the best education available. My world-class training in every corner of mind health has too often missed the mark when applied on the street level, in my offices over my lifetime.

It’s a complexity thing.

The variety of frustrating unknowns drives me to dive deeper. In fact, I’m a non-recovering Eagle Scout still searching for the right paths - and hate it when I do get lost. I’ll tell you more about my misses, those “learning opportunities,” as we travel together.

Why have I missed any of those marks? - Because I didn’t know then what I do know now. But even now I also know… there’s still much more out there. I look forward to our search together as discoveries arise.

After years of frustration, of not knowing – I’ll be your host, your guide, and your student-traveling companion, as we travel even more and different landscapes on our CoreBrain journey together. I do still look forward to learning every day - and the insightful guests we’ve scheduled are now available to all of us as personal resources for years to come, at no cost.

To our discussion, we’ll add downloads and references for even more complete review. "Peer reviewed" works if you work it.

So take a moment right now to subscribe and review [at iTunes or Google in the footer below], or comment on any of our episodes or posts here at CBJ. Please do contribute your observations to our conversations and forward links for our mission to your tribes, your medical teams, and your family, wherever they are. The best thing about technology for this CoreBrain dialogue is that it’s available globally, both immediately and asynchronously, anytime.

Your Thought Contributions Are Welcome Through These Easy Tools:

- If you’re a professional with a message that you wish to share at CBJ from experiences that pushed you to dig deeper - do leave your bio notes at http://corebrainjournal.com/guests

- Or, if you’re a client with improvements experienced through techniques that at first appeared out of the box - and wish to share your observations – leave your notes at http://corebrainjournal.com/clients

Let’s start our journey now. The mooring lines are cast off. Hoist the mainsail - let's go!

Thanks for connecting.



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About Our Next: 002 Monica Cassani - An unhappy Client looking for better answers. Beyond Meds: Monica Cassani has seen the system from both sides - as a social worker and as a person whose life was severely ruptured by psychiatric drugs. She writes critically about the system, as well as about holistic pathways of healing without medication.

Tune in here as she works to understand her challenges with fresh perspectives.


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