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Episode 6 – In the Pursuit of “Higher Education”
Episode 64th June 2019 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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Meet Eliza. Having taken a slight detour into college following high school graduation, she finds work that perfectly suits her!

What was the detour all about? Why did she find herself in a spot that she felt was ill-suited to her nature? And how did she “find her way” in the end?

Not unlike many young people, Eliza was not quite in touch with her passion and so by default, did what was expected of her, reluctant as she was to do that. She pursued a college degree-twice. In her words, the effect it had on her at the time was to feel “detached.” She became “defiant,” in retaliation but still had no real answers to provide her well-intentioned parents. In her words, she “did not want to give up on their dream” but knew that she could not let herself down either. After some wasted time and money, she discovered what has turned out to be her passion. This is a passion that she never recognized until (my deduction) her heart led her there.

Today, Eliza is happy and successful, looking forward to a lifelong career that will only get better.

How many relate to why the pursuit of formal higher education is not for everyone? Learning is for everyone, but when it is in the field of your dreams, it facilitates not only the acquisition of information but the deliberate pursuit of it, with enthusiam and no reluctance whatsoever.