How can entrepreneurs work on their business instead of for it?
4th November 2022 • The Thriving Entrepreneur • David Foster & Rachelle Leerling
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As a founder or entrepreneur, how do you know you are working on the right thing?

Running a business is a difficult task, but working on the right thing is often more important than just working hard in general.

Being able to distinguish and then consciously decide between the urgent and the important is a critical skill for a founder. Sorting that takes:

  • Effective delegation
  • Identifying inefficiency
  • Working on the biggest obstacles
  • Getting honest feedback from teammates and mentors

This is what Rachelle and David discuss: how entrepreneurs can work on their businesses instead of just for them.

Working in your business looks like direct client work, bookkeeping, and resolving employee issues.

Working ON your business looks like planning, learning new skills, and developing repeatable processes.

As captains of our own ships, we need to maintain them and guide them.

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