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What is Towncasting? A Deeper Dive
Episode 520th July 2022 • Towncast Podcast • Towncast Studios
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Did you know that Towncast is more than just a catchy name?

Towncast, as a brand, is pioneering a new frontier in the world of not only podcasting and videocasting, but content in general. 

We are working to create a directory that allows creators and consumers alike to find content made by, for, or about a particular community.

Maybe you want to see what kind of content is coming out of your hometown, or maybe you’re interested in seeing what kind of creators are working in a particular city.

On the other hand, towncasting - the verbal constituent to Towncast - is all about taking these core values of community and creativity and using them to create interesting and original content based out of your community. 

By doing so, you’d be creating what we’re calling a towncast.

In this episode of the Towncast Podcast, we explore what Towncast is, where it came from, and where we want to go in the future.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The origin story of Towncast, from the founder himself - Mathew Passy
  • An overview on some of our goals with the Towncast brand - including Towncast Studios, and the Towncast Podcast
  • Some ideas on how to start a towncast of your own
  • How Towncast can help you to start that pod, video, or towncast you’ve always dreamed of

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