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S1-EP19, Part 1: Jamie Takes the Stand
Episode 1915th October 2020 • Snow Files • Jamie Snow
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In 2001, Jamie Snow took the stand in his own defense against the charge of murder. Jamie’s legal team was extremely underprepared, and explained to him that if he did not testify, he wouldn’t win his case. He had one night’s notice that he would take the stand. But Jamie was hopeful. He figured if he told the truth, he didn’t have to prepare, he would be good. Jamie was on the stand for a very long time. He rebutted every witness presented in previous episodes of Snow Files, and in great detail, recounted his prior conviction, his participation in the lineup, his alibi, and the cast on his arm, all while maintaining eye contact with his jury. But Jamie Snow was still convicted. Part one of this nineteenth episode of Snow Files, presented by Jamie Snow himself, strives to answer one overarching question, what is it like to be on trial for your life?

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