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Ken Battin on a better connection between municipal and emergency services
Episode 1131st May 2022 • PCC Local Time • Nancy Joan Hess
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In this interview, Ken Battin allows me to tap into my curiosity about how emergency services intersect with municipal services and what role municipal managers play in supporting public safety.

He emphasizes the importance of not relying on any one model but finding a model that works for your municipality. He shares an engaging approach that helps achieve this in his own.

Ken was the Director of Codes and Life Safety at East Whiteland Township in Pennsylvania for many years, which included the building and fire codes, and the fire department. He is now the Manager at London Grove Township in Chester County Pennsylvania.

This interview is part of an early series of interviews we did inside the Pioneering Change Community in 2021 before I began this podcast.  

We talk about his vision of emergency services which I find unique. It has opened my eyes to how central public safety is the role of local government.

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