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Coming Back Messy
10th July 2024 • PowerPivot • Leela Sinha
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I'm ending the hiatus, but I'm coming back a little less polished.




Hey, folks, thanks for your patience while I reorganized, basically everything. I don't have a plan right now, I think that having plans is a little dicey when the world is such a mess. What I do have some things to say. So I'm going to start publishing them again,

I am rearranging my entire tech stack. So you may not get the kind of polish that you're accustomed to in the production, and I'm sorry for that I am working on it.

Meanwhile, though, I hope that these relatively rough cuts will be interesting to you. If you want to find these in purely text form. I am simultaneously publishing a lot of them on my substack with reasonably good transcriptions. They're not very cleaned up. A lot of what's coming up for me right now is purely spontaneous responses to what's going on in the world. So everything's a little bit messy. But I'm glad to have you along, and I hope you're interested in following

thanks for being here.




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