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You Are Limitless - Ani Manian EPISODE 7, 26th March 2020
How to pivot quickly when s***t hits the fan w/ Michelle Norris
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How to pivot quickly when s***t hits the fan w/ Michelle Norris

In this raw, open vulnerable conversation with Michelle Norris, founder and CEO of PaleoF(x), the worlds largest health optimization summit, we deconstruct what entrepreneurs can do when the world suddenly causes their business to fall apart. 

In this behind the scenes look at how an elite 7 figure CEO deals with a black swan event, you’ll get an inside look into rapid crisis management, how to regulate emotions and stay strong for your clients and teams, managing legal considerations with customer expectations and how to deal with the prospect of losing it all. 

You’ll also learn why its important to find gratitude in the worst of times, and how it’s critical now more than ever to adopt a service mindset - even if you are panicking. 

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