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Rhapsody - Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network EPISODE 7, 4th May 2021
Head to Head – Trap vs. Brooklyn Drill
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Head to Head – Trap vs. Brooklyn Drill

Head to Head - Trap vs. Brooklyn Drill

Episode #7

Episode Format: Head to Head

Intro: In this Head to Head we will be discussing the differences and similarities between the hip hop subgenres of trap and Brooklyn drill.

Segment 1: Bass

  • Played legato

Segment 2: Time signature

  • 4/4, or common time

Segment 3: Key

  • Drill’s darker sound uses minor keys
  • Trap production is more varied, can be major or minor

Segment 4: Location

  • Drill - London producers, center in U.S. is NY/Brooklyn
  • Trap - Mainly Atlanta, but all over the country

Segment 5: Lyrics

  • Themes reflecting crime and gangs, based on inner city life

Segment 6: Instrumentation

  • Both have the same core sounds (drums, bass)
  • Drill uses less autotune

Music Credits: Provide the song title and any links used (include all)

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