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CBD interview, infomercial with Nicola Stephenson from OHHO
Episode 25Bonus Episode11th July 2022 • The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late • charlie ponger
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The Official Seenagers, never too late!

This episode is a bonus infomercial interview with Nicki from OHHO, a fantastic CBD company.

So, like many of us, I was, (WAS IS THE OPERATIVE WORD HERE), in various degrees of perpetual pain or annoyance of pain. So, I dunno bout you, but for me, this has been ongoing since my late 30's.

So, I mean, look, I've tried a handful of different CBDs. Some of em kinda worked, some not at all, and quite frankly, I was about to give up until I found OHHO right in my backyard. I gotta say it was luck. Now I am not sayin others don't work, I mean, I dunno, I just found this one works the best for me. I mean, it's literally brought back some of my youth! This stuff for me is like magic.

I'm really blown away by OHHO"s CBD products, so use their balm and gummies combined, and it's that easy. For me, it works instantaneously and the more you use it, you almost forget about taking OHHO CBD.

With complete disclosure, cause that's how it should be, I originally pre-recorded this interview because I use the product, and I have vetted their product. It's been life-changing for me, so I thought, I gotta tell everyone about it.

So, post pre-recorded interview, I decided to become an individual seller and spread the word allowing me to do so in various ways. And in doing so, I can offer anyone a 15% discount when using my name either at the store or online. So online, your code is Charlie Ponger; it's really that easy. Oh and I make a little 'beer money.'