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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 16, 6th February 2020
Ethical Underwear with Sarah Jordan from Y.O.U Underwear
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Ethical Underwear with Sarah Jordan from Y.O.U Underwear

My next guest approached me online explaining how aligned we were on the ethical path. Another amazing connection from London, this guest does not disappoint!

Sarah Jordan is the Founder of Y.O.U underwear which was inspired by a trip to Uganda in 2016 when she discovered the huge number of women and children who don't have access to underwear and are therefore excluded from their school or community, particularly during their period.

Her aim is to tackle this problem by creating an ethical underwear brand that gives back. She believes you can have it all - beautiful underwear that makes you feel amazing, is manufactured fairly, and helps support vulnerable communities around the world. Sarah is determined to change the world, one pair of pants at a time.

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