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The DancePreneuring Studio - Annett Bone: Creative Strategist 15th November 2018
#190: It’s Never Too Late to Be Great [Podcast]
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#190: It’s Never Too Late to Be Great [Podcast]


Age is just a number. State of mind, not date of birth. And, it's never too late to be great. I resonate so much with these words. I was so delighted to have a conversation with a remarkable woman by the name of Marjorie Goodson who is yet another awesome testimonial for these impactful statements. A dancer, an artist and an author, Marjorie thought that creating her beautiful dance book would be a good distraction from her daughter leaving for college. However, this distraction has turned into a delicious work of art that has brought much media attention and artistic growth.

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Marjorie Goodson

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