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7th October 2017 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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It has always been my dream to help entrepreneurs do more with their potential, and through M.Pire University I will be able to do this. What is the dream and passion behind the creation of this coaching organization? What are the things I thought entrepreneurs were lacking? On this episode, I have some exciting announcements about some new developments.


Change the fuel of your business from your energy to systems and leverage.

It’s important to find people who accomplished what you want to accomplish.

It’s so important to position yourself to do better exponentially.


At the start of the show, I talked about my dream of having a coaching organization, and why a business fueled by your energy isn’t really a business. Next, we talked about the power of declaring your vision, and the importance of working on a daily basis to achieve your goals.

I also spoke about;

  • How to set yourself up for long-term success
  • Why people need mentorship
  • Our upcoming vision event


It’s one thing to have a vision. It’s another thing completely to actually do what you have to do on a daily basis to turn that vision into reality. For people to do this, they need mentorship, access to knowledge and a like-minded community. That’s what we’ve built with M.Pire University. Remember the path to success is that you have to think it, declare it and act on it.