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Identify Your Ideal Customer [THA 285]
Episode 28521st July 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Why is understanding the psychographics of your ideal customer so important to your business? Why it is important to understand who your ideal customer is?  My panel discusses the importance of building relationships with customers that see the value in your business.  Watch the Episode on YouTube

Joe Marconi, Executive Council Member, Elite Worldwide. Auto Shop Owner. Joe’s Episodes HERE.

Marty Long, Hills & Dales AutoCare Inc, Canton, OH

Bryan Lagas, Principal, Speedsport Tuning, Danbury, CT

Key Talking Points
  • Mass merchandising vs. target marketing- why this is important for shop owners
  • Make marketing unique- not your average paper ads
  • Being active in the community in a memorable way. Reinforce your brand.
  • You can’t be everything to everyone 
  • FORD- family, occupation, recreations, dreams
  • Building relationships with the customers that see the value in your business
  • Psychographics- what are your customers involved with? Read? Listen to? Values? Lifestyle? What’s in their backseat? Their network is also your target audience
  • Culture- connecting with customers and building relationships. The quality of the interactions 
  • Who are the 20% of your active customers?
  • “What’s important to me and the customer?” it’s not always about the money
  • The ease of the transaction- your ideal customer that has been with your shop 20 20 years but isn't the demographic of your ideal customer is still your ideal customer. Don’t box yourself in.
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