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I Will Always Love You
Episode 47th December 2021 • Revengers: Friends From Work • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Show Name:  Revengers: Friends from Work

Episode4: I Will Always Love You

Check out the latest episode of #revengersfriendsfromwork the podcast on  We match up the Sopranos with the Dexter Reboot to let you know which to watch.

You are listening to Revengers: Friends from Work, the podcast with your host(s) Christina Zelin.

In this episode of Revengers: Friends from Work the Podcast, I will be discussing: What my favorite MCU movies are and why they are my favorite.

  • What I look for when watching a movie:
  • Plot - does it have a good storyline that is interesting and keeps me engaged and wanting to know how it ends. 
  • Powerful/Emotional scenes - Are there scenes that make me say “wow” or that make me cry. 
  • Characters - does the movie do a good job of making me care about the characters. Do I get emotionally attached to them and want them to succeed in whatever their task is. 
  • Overall Enjoyment - Did I enjoy watching this movie? Would I watch this again? I go into every movie I watch with this mindset, and these are the MCU films that I feel did the best job of doing these things.

Thor Ragnarok:

  • Plot:Thor and Loki having a long lost evil older sister was a really cool villain for the movie. She was super powerful, and she provided great character development for Thor and Loki. It made them put aside their differences and come together to fight Hela, and it made them take a step back and appreciate one another. 
  • Characters: I wanted to see them grow close to each other because we haven’t really seen that in the previous movies. For example: Thor always got tricked by Loki. He did in the first Avengers, he did in Thor, and he did in Thor the dark world. That is good character development and I enjoy seeing that. I also loved to see their reaction when Loki comes with the ship to save everyone, the first words exchanged between them are “You’re late” and “you’re missing an eye.” It just goes to show that Thor knew that Loki would come around and help in the final battle. 
  • Overall Enjoyment: It made me laugh a ton, I loved the Grandmaster, he was one of my favorite characters in the movie. I also love how it continued Bruce Banner’s story and what happened after Age of ultron.

Captain the winter soldier:

  • Plot: Bucky comes back after being thought to be dead and not remembering anything and trying to kill his childhood best friend. 
  • Powerful Scenes: The highway fight scene in this movie. The intensity of the scene is set very early on with the death of Sitwell to start things off. Then the tempo picks up so much, the music really helps to amplify the power of the scene. The three avengers fighting people who they originally thought were on their side and some mysterious super soldier who is hiding behind a mask. It makes for a very intense fight and a very interesting reveal as to who the masked soldier would be.
  • Characters: We saw at the beginning of the movie that Steve was still getting accustomed to the modern world. He walks around with a little notebook writing down things that he should try. We also get to see Steve and Natasha’s relationship grow. They are going on missions together for SHIELD and working together just like they did in the first Avengers. They still have some trust issues with one another. Steve saved Nat from getting crushed when Hydra took down Camp Leiheigh, and after that they had a deep conversation about it. During that conversation, Nat asked Steve if it was the other way around, would he trust her to save his life, and he said he did now. 
  • Overall Enjoyment:I think the main reason that I enjoyed this movie was because of the plot and the action sequences, sometimes for the fun of it I just go back and rewatch the highway fight scene because of how cool it is.

 Infinity War

  • Plot - All or nothing. Everyone comes together to fight one person.
  • Powerful Scenes - Wanda and vision final goodbye, seeing the other avengers come to wanda’s aid in scotland, seeing the guardians and some of the avengers meet for the first time and have to work together.
  • Characters - I cared about whether the characters completed their mission or not. Knowing that half of them would be gone if they didn’t win was something that I got emotionally invested in. 
  • Enjoyment - Great story, funny lines despite it being a life or death kinda movie.

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