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104: How your yoga mat can make a difference with Anup Chandran
Episode 10410th March 2020 • Mama Earth Talk • Mariska Nell
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In this episode, we talk to, Anup Chandran. He is a product manager with an 18-year history of software development. He is not only passionate about creating software solutions, but also creating eco-conscious products that have a positive impact on our planet and our lives. He is the founder of Ayuray, a brand that creates organic products by blends the world of Yoga and Ayurveda. 

During this episode, we take a look at how traditional yogi’s use to use their mats and why it is important to use an organic cotton mat. We also look in the manufacturing process of the mats and how it is coloured using natural dyes and the health impacts that cotton farming has on farmers if not done organically.  

Where can people find Ayuray?





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