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Happy 100th Upload
2nd January 2018 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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In this episode Frank and Andy celebrate a huge (yuge?) milestone, 100 uploads since launching in late May 2017.


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Notable Quotes

It’s show #100! ([01:30])
On pop filters ([03:30])
On ([04:30])
Spiderman reference ([05:00])
Azure CLI ([07:00])
Regarding the Microsoft Dublin Datacenter Case ([09:30])
Data Law (Brad Smith, Microsoft) ([12:00])
Brent Ozar’s post on GDPR ([23:00])
ClearDB deleted Frank’s data ([25:00])
Andy is not selling in the EU ([26:40])
Soup nazi reference ([30:20])
Microsoft’s German Data Centers ([32:50])
Frank’s “aha” moment regarding Hadoop ([34:50])
Microsoft Azure HDInsight Big Data Analyst at edX ([35:40])
The Last SSIS Book You Read ([37:15])
Frank has a lot of certifications ([43:30])
On Dashboards ([45:00])
Regarding IIoT… ([47:45])
Databricks ([50:00])
Regardign the tuple ([51:00])
Data Science training is available at Wintellect Now ([1:02:45])
Khan Academy ([1:04:15])
Biml training is available at Biml Academy ([1:05:30])
Frank had a rough 2016, but he came back strong in 2017! ([1:06:30])
Frank is on a mission from God ([1:08:15])
Microsoft was founded 4 Apr 1975 (Frank was right and I was wrong) ([1:09:10])




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