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Episode 065: What it takes to Vlog Like A Boss with Amy Schmittauer
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Episode 065: What it takes to Vlog Like A Boss with Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer Podcast Interview

Amy Schmittauer

For more than 10 years Amy Schmittauer has been wowing people with video…yes it was a shock to us too! Amy is enjoying great success with her new book “Vlog like a Boss” and took the time to chat with Paul and Phil about all things video.


This is an awesome episode of the Content Academy Podcast because we really get meta with video and Amy holds nothing back.


She shares how to create video content your audience actually wants!




  • How to Record Great Video


  • Linking Your Content to Your Audiences Needs


  • How to Setup Your YouTube Page


  • Amy’s Recommendations for kit when starting out




“Meet your customers at their level of understanding”


“Great YouTube Videos Can Bring You Views for Years”


“Use Instagram Stories for behind the scenes publishing”


“Go hard on video promotion over the first 5 days as this helps long term ranking”


“You can have a YouTube channel that looks impressive and it not be all your content”


“You can say video is not for you, then neither is getting in front of where the eyeballs are right now”






Amy’s Book: Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging

YouTube: Savvy Sexy Social

Blog: Savvy Sexy Social

Twitter: @Schmittastic

Instagram: @Schmittastic


Tube Buddy Chrome Extension

How to Setup Your YouTube Channel by Amy Schmittauer


In case you haven’t seen Chewbacca Mom




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Special thanks to Amy. for taking the time to share her journey, experience, and wisdom with us this week. Why not drop her a message on Twitter with your thoughts on today’s episode, @Schmittastic