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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman EPISODE 244, 18th August 2021
Conquering the Fear of Becoming a ‘Salon CEO’
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Conquering the Fear of Becoming a ‘Salon CEO’

If you’re anything like me, then it will have been your passion for hairdressing that inspired you to open your own Salon.

You went from your Apprenticeship, to working in a Salon as a stylist, to owning your own Salon.

Now, you suddenly have all of these business responsibilities, with no formal business training! Even though you own your own business, the thought of being a “Salon CEO” is a little scary, because that feels like a whole other ball game.

It’s so easy to question yourself- Do I have what it takes? How will I know what to do? Will I enjoy this role?

I get it. But what if I told you that it is possible to make the transition from owner/operator to Salon CEO successfully... even if you feel like you can’t (to begin with)?

In this episode, I’m chatting with Abbie Tong. After owning her salon So You Hairdressing for 6.5 years, Abbie successfully made the transition off the floor in order to become the CEO of her salon. She will share how she reached success after the difficult journey she faced, and how you can too.


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