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Wool Academy with Elisabeth van Delden - Elisabeth van Delden 30th March 2017
#022: Terry Townsend rectifies fake facts about growing natural fibres
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#022: Terry Townsend rectifies fake facts about growing natural fibres

In this episode, cotton expert Dr Terry Townsend talks about the natural fibres industries in general. Terry gives brief introductions about cotton as well as other natural fibres. He points out why it is so important for natural fibres to connect and defend themselves against the synthetic fibres industry. Terry also expresses his high appreciation for farmers growing natural fibres. This episode is almost like a declaration of love towards farmers.  Terry also explains how some of the so-called fake facts about natural fibres exist and rectifies some of the allegations made. These include destroying the environment and using too much land. The cotton and wool industry can learn a lot from each other as the economic challenges continue for natural fibres in the future.  

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Key Timestamps

[spp-timestamp time="01:42"] Introduction to Dr. Terry Townsend
[spp-timestamp time="03:48"] Introduction to the cotton Industry
[spp-timestamp time="06:20"] The relationship between wool and cotton
[spp-timestamp time="10:12"] Defusing accusations that the natural fibre industries are destroying the environment
[spp-timestamp time="24:32"] What cotton can learn from the wool industry
[spp-timestamp time="29:00"] Overview of natural fibres
[spp-timestamp time="32:40"] About the Discover Natural Fibres Initiative
[spp-timestamp time="37:31"] How to connect with Terry Townsend