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Interview 9: Climate Crisis with the Irish Schools Sustainability Network
Episode 626th May 2022 • - If I were the Minister for Education • Simon Lewis
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One thing that binds us all together is our planet, and it would seem surprising if teachers around the country wouldn't be worried about the impending climate crisis. I was thrilled to be joined by Mary Moore and Laura Ní Mhaille from the Irish Schools Sustainability Network to discuss how teachers can help.

We got through a huge amount from Green Flags to whether Climate Action should be a curriculum subject and everything in between. It was a great chat and I learned loads!

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Resources mentioned:

Paul O’ Donnell Wild Teaching:

Book: Paddy Madden’s Go Wild at School

Éanna Ní Lamhna: Wild Things at School

Earth Care, People Care , Fair Share: The Children in Permaculture Manual, Lusi Alderslowe