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Unique Leaders Podcast - Megan DiMartino EPISODE 39, 4th May 2021
Unique Leaders: Denise Fuller
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Unique Leaders: Denise Fuller

Denise was born in Dallas, TX. She was adopted by a wonderful couple. She has met her biological mother and she was in the beauty industry. Her adopted father was in the medical, field and that was good for her to grow up in that. Her father didn’t start in the medical field. His job was working with chemicals and he contracted a disease. This caused him to look into taking better care of his health. This brought him to learn more about the holistic approach to health. Denise has moved around a lot through her life and she lived in many different places but her heart is in Florida. During her time in Florida, she was the editor of an aesthetic magazine called Lè Nuvelle.She started by going to Australia and got certifications in holistic practices. After she received her certifications, she came back to the states, stated a family and taught aesthetic courses. She did many speaking and write many articles for various magazines. With all this experience she was asked to be the editor for the Lè Nuvelle magazine.Denise has also enjoyed helping other aestheticians and giving them the education and knowledge, they needed to further their careers. She is a big believer in finding your passion and honing in on that and sharing that with the world as a business. She says, “People over Profit,” but when you do something that you are passionate about the profitability will come to you. Focus on making a different and an impact in other’s lives and things will fall into place.

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