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Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis Google Can Solve It Right
5th July 2022 • Transform with Dr. Maggie Yu • Maggie Yu
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Tracy has struggled w/ debilitating anxiety after her son started experiencing health issues 2 years ago. She had severe fatigue and pain that was making even climbing up the stairs in her own home near impossible. Without any official diagnosis, she landed on the idea that her symptoms mirrored those with autoimmunity. She joined our program a short time ago.

Today her anxiety which was 10/10 is gone. Her fatigue is gone. Her pain is gone. She is able to effortlessly move up and down her stairs, in fact she now calls it her exercise. She went from worrying about herself and her son obsessively to becoming confident with a 10.

She says her biggest hesitation was in self trust. She didn’t know or think she could learn how to be a pilot in her own health..when none of the health professionals around her were not either. She also was a “google professor” and thought more and more information was the answer. She learned that without education and mentorship with our program, she had no idea how to personalize the information or what to implement.

She credits learning how to master her blood sugar as one of the things she had no way of mastering without the program. All her google research and all that she thought she knew, she never guessed in a million years that blood sugar was so crucial. She also credits mindset work that we trained her on as being transformative in her thoughts and in her health.

Today, she’s excited about her own results and psyched to be able now to help her son turn around his health. She learned that she is a “confident” woman and would do this program again in a heartbeat. This has turned around so much in her health. She’s heading out to the pool after this interview, something she could have never done just weeks ago.


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