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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 61, 24th October 2018
What NOT To Put In Your Podcast Outro [Episode 61]

What NOT To Put In Your Podcast Outro [Episode 61]

Many podcasters struggle to figure out what to put in the outro -- the last bit -- of their show. Oh, and so we're clear: YOU MUST HAVE AN OUTRO. Seriously.

In this short episode, I'll talk about the three (and only three) scenarios to consider when figuring out what you should put in your outro:

  • Being compliant with rules/regulations to keep you out of legal hot water
  • Wayfinding for someone who finds your audio file "in the wild" and unassociated with your larger podcast
  • Entertainment/extra content for hard-core listeners who always listen to the end

If you keep those in mind, it's a lot easier to figure out what should go in the outro of your podcast.

But here's what you SHOULD NOT put in your podcast outro. And I can sum it up in one phrase: calls to action. A call to action is important and should be put in every episode. Just not in the outro.

Listen in to learn more.