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3 Secrets in Achieving Success in Your Salon in 2022 (Part 2)
Episode 26616th January 2022 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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Do you ever feel like you are getting nowhere with your Salon?    Like, no matter what steps you are taking, you can’t quite move the needle at the right time and place. On top of this, you have couple of rocky years and it’s a recipe for constant setbacks, overwhelm and stress. I’ve seen SO many Salon Owners going through this recently... Luckily, I want to change this for you. I want to show you that one step, whilst is so simple, can actually be the most important in your journey to success.    This is the thing I wish I had known about when I had my Salon, and can be easily overlooked when you are too busy “doing” all things in the Salon, rather than working “on” your business.    Do you want to know what the secret thing is? Join the top percentage of Salon Owners, who are to be the ones that go for it, putting their goals and ambitions first? …or do you want to keep your Salon as it is? I know which option I would choose, and the one that ended up changing my entire life and Salon for the better.   This episode is Part 2 of my Level Up series and will teach you how to unpack where your Salon currently is, what the 3 most important things are that you should be focusing on, and the big rocks of your year.    All you need to do is download your own copy of my Salon Annual Planner below and click ‘play’ on this episode!  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. The truth about how to level up your business that the salon down the road doesn’t want you to know about
  2. Secret - The real reason you weren't prepared for 2021
  3. After only 30 minutes, you will have a full plan for 2022, ready to kickstart your year. 

Level Up 2022

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