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026: Team USA, Kettlebell Champion, and Team Isagenix
25th November 2016 • LIVETHEFUEL • Scott W. Mulvaney
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Team USA Kettlebell Champion Co-Host:

Having the right mindset and staying positive will drive you to do anything and be anything. It starts up there, in your mind. The visualization process and eliminating all doubt. You don't need to waste your time on that. Worry is a wasted emotion. The feelings of worry and doubt will rule your life. You dictate what you are going to tell yourself. The conversations you have with yourself should always be positive. This positive mindset is the embodiment of today's co-host Valerie Pawlowski of Team Isagenix. Valerie is a two times World Champion Kettlebell Sport, Gold Medalist for Team USA and runs multiple businesses around Kettlebell and the fitness industry with the help of Isagenix.


On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [spp-timestamp time="03:00"] Striving and thriving off of education
  • [spp-timestamp time="04:11"] Valerie has been involved with Isagenix for nine years now.
  • [spp-timestamp time="08:12"] Joined Isagenix with friends to revitalize energy and lost inches as a byproduct
  • [spp-timestamp time="09:21"] Fueling the body the right way to see the results
  • [spp-timestamp time="12:09"] Garbage truck analogy for fat cells
  • [spp-timestamp time="12:47"] Inflammation that is killing America.
  • [spp-timestamp time="16:06"] Treating the route cause not the symptom
  • [spp-timestamp time="19:40"] Dr Michael Colgan, the ruler test and the grain brain
  • [spp-timestamp time="22:29"] Intolerance to gluten or is it the poisons that are sprayed on the grains?
  • [spp-timestamp time="26:30"] The average MD has about an hour or two tops of nutritional education
  • [spp-timestamp time="27:58"] Dr. Fuhrman - Eating You Alive
  • [spp-timestamp time="29:19"] Eat your veggies and Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
  • [spp-timestamp time="35:19"] There's good and bad processing. Having the best fuel for yourself. Transforming her nephew
  • [spp-timestamp time="44:55"] Isagenix, fueling Valerie's vision
  • [spp-timestamp time="50:09"] You don't need a physical location now to run your business, if it doesn't fit your lifestyle
  • [spp-timestamp time="52:18"] Isagenix has helped Valerie travel the world
  • [spp-timestamp time="59:14"] Where to find Valerie online, the future of Kettlebell sports in the US and the Vintage Strength Games.
  • [spp-timestamp time="01:08:32"] What Valerie uses for nutrition
  • [spp-timestamp time="01:12:48"] The Immortalists
  • [spp-timestamp time="01:15:27"] Final Words

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Final Words

Mindset. Stop the worry. Focus on the positives. Your positive mindset will carry you through all these trials and tribulations.

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