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Centering Blackness in Fabric Design, "Fabric That Starts a Conversation"
Episode 32nd October 2019 • Stitch Please • Lisa Woolfork
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Visit Finer Fabrics between 9/17 and 10/8 to preorder the African Inspired knit fabric collection:

Additional References:

Queenora was inspired by TipStitched to start sewing

Capitol Chic Designs is an example of black women creatives choosing to center themselves in their own experience rather than center whiteness.

On the first episode of The Tamron Hall Show, Tamron talked about the challenges she faced as a black woman in daytime TV, specifically the concern that white women would not watch a black woman in the daytime slot.

Suggestions for further inquiry.

Why are maternal outcomes are comparatively dire for Black women in the US?


White fragility. --- If you don't know what this is, now is a great time to Google.

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