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Moving Vulnerable Communities from Surviving to Thriving, Part 1
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Moving Vulnerable Communities from Surviving to Thriving, Part 1

Stay engaged with the social and environmental justice dialogues started at the 2016 National Funding and Resources Training Summit to Revitalize Vulnerable Communities Learn How HERE



Strengthening and Revitalizing Communities


[01:47] Introduction of Mustafa Ali.

[02:22] Mustafa explains the purpose of the 2016 National Funding and Resources Training Summit to Revitalize Vulnerable Communities.

[03:25] Mustafa gives the dates and location of the Summit.

[03:46] Mustafa tells who the primary audience is for this Summit.

04:22 Mustafa shares how listeners can learn more about the Summit.Interested in attending? Register HERE!

[04:41] Is there an intent to do this Summit annually?

[07:13] Is this a culminating event for this administration to lift up the many resources it has developed to support the revitalization of vulnerable communities?

[08:20] What are the biggest unmet needs vulnerable communities and those living with environmental burdens face?

[09:46] Mustafa talks about the change he has observed in the EPA’s approach to working with environmental justice and vulnerable communities.

[11:53] Mustafa shares what kind of response he’s getting from the business community.

[13:50] Mustafa addresses his viewpoint of the notion that community revitalization has become a focal point of EPA’s environmental justice efforts.

[15:22] Mustafa describes the Environmental Justice 2020 Action Agenda.

[17:32] Mustafa speaks to the intent of the Action Agenda of eliminating childhood lead poisoning, and ensuring everyone has access to safe drinking water.

[18:37] Mustafa explains how the Summit relates to the Environmental Justice 2020 Action Agenda.

19:12 Mustafa again shares how listeners can learn more about the Summit. Register HERE!

[19:48] Mustafa gives his idea of what the outcome will be if the Summit is successful.

[22:19] Mustafa shares one change that would lead to smarter, more sustainable, and more equitable and less vulnerable communities.

[22:47] Mustafa expresses the action listeners can take to be supportive of the goals of the Summit.

[23:57] Mustafa states what environmental justice communities look like 30 years from now.


Mustafa Ali has been a national speaker, trainer and facilitator on social and environmental justice issues for the past 17 years. During that time, Mustafa has worked with communities on both the domestic and international front to secure environmental, health, and economic justice. He currently serves as Senior Advisor to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy on Environmental Justice and Community Revitalization.


“It’s pretty simple. It’s actually just a few words is what the real meaning, the foundation and goal and vision for this [the Summit] is, and that’s moving vulnerable communities from surviving to thriving, which is really grounded in the environmental justice movement, the social justice movement, civil rights, sort of the economic justice movement. All those various movements are all pointing in a similar direction, and it’s about strengthening and revitalizing communities, giving voice to the visions and the opportunities that exist in our most vulnerable communities.”

“When we say ‘vulnerable communities,’ we are talking about low-income communities, we’re talking about communities of color, and we’re talking about tribal populations, and those are the folks that we are currently focusing on to help them to be able to revitalize and address issues that are happening inside of their communities.”

“What we’re hoping to accomplish is that folks will be able to take this [the Summit] and begin to do smaller, regional events that will be able to actually meet the needs of folks on the ground, even in a much more substantive way.”


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