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The Recruitment Mentors Podcast - Hishem Azzouz EPISODE 190, 20th July 2020
Chris O'Connell - Hitting rock bottom and how you can build yourself back up, success isn’t about how much money you make.
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Chris O'Connell - Hitting rock bottom and how you can build yourself back up, success isn’t about how much money you make.

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On this episode I’m joined by Chris O’Connell who is a mental health ambassador and advisor for Mental Health in Recruitment.

He has an impressive recruitment career spanning over twenty years, but our conversation is less about recruitment and billings; this is another episode focused on mental health and wellbeing. 

I highly recommend everyone to listen to this episode, not only because I think it’ll resonate with a lot of you, but Chris has shared a personal and difficult story which isn’t easy to do.

You’ll know why once you listen to it.

It was amazing to speak with Chris and hear about his career, but mostly listen to his transformation with his mental health.

You can connect with Chris on Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/itschrisoconnell/


How did you enter the world of recruitment? [1:32]

Why were you consistently good? [5:31]

Setting up your own recruitment business [8:44]

Why didn’t you feel any different when you reached those milestones? [11:19]

What did you have to sacrifice? [12:49]

Did anybody know how you were feeling? [15:25]

How did it feel exiting the business? [17:28]

What were you hoping time off would be? [18:53]

Depression and addiction [24:36]

What made you look at yourself and change? [27:23]

What was impactful in helping shape where you are today? [30:28]

What are the common things you see in leaders that may make them miss out on things? [34:46]

Why does empathy and compassion enable you to be a better leader? [38:20]

Where can you start? [39:55]

How can we get more men to open up and be vulnerable? [46:18]

Checking in with yourself [52:40]

What are you excited about? [53:24]

Parting words [55:00]

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