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Episode 18th April 2021 • Unbottleneck Your Business • Tonya Thomas
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Over my 21 years of working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, I’ve discovered that many struggle with delegation. Some owners have a problem letting go and beginning to delegate, whereas others delegate, but not effectively, thus causing much frustration and the thought that it doesn’t work. Delegating is something that you have to learn in order to reap the benefits from it. 

Having watched and experienced many business owners deal with the challenges of delegating, I’ve developed an expertise on the subject, and I want to share my knowledge with my audience, hence starting this podcast. If you’re experiencing frustration or don’t know where to begin to start delegating, I hope that you will join me on my journey as a subscriber. 

Today on the Unbottleneck Your Business Podcast:

  • I share my story of how I got started in business
  • Why I’m passionate about helping others learn to delegate
  • The awesome topics that will be covered on the podcast


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