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Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud - Elisa Kurylowicz EPISODE 90, 16th September 2020
Unapologetic Sexual, Sensual & Intimate Desires with Amanda Rassam
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Unapologetic Sexual, Sensual & Intimate Desires with Amanda Rassam

This week my guest Amanda Rassam and I are talking about empowering your inner goddess, and connecting to your relationship with yourself so you can reignite the fire within!

Amanda is a Sacred Sexuality & Ascension coach, who believes that all women can unapologetically express their most radiant selves by living their authentic truth.

 Her mission is to raise global consciousness through expressive sex, pleasure and connection – offering others freedom, empowerment and choice in their relationships. Todays show is full of truth bombs, sex and intimacy secrets and will leave you inspired and empowered to take your sexual well being into your own hands.

You can find more about Amanda Rassam from her website www.theconsciouscouple.ca OR follow her on Instagram @AmandaRassam.

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