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Where Do I Find a Manager?
Episode 3814th April 2024 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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I need a new Manager! Where do I find one? Should I promote internally or post an ad… what do I do?!    Hiring a new manager can feel stressful… you have a couple of rockstars in your team who want to be a Manager but aren’t ready or the right fit, so you have to create and post a job ad which can feel like a whole daunting task in itself. And you still haven’t even decided what exactly your new Manager would do…  Well, good news… you’ve realised that your Salon is growing and NEEDS a Manager which is a WIN.  But although you have recognised you need a Manager, a lot of Salon Owners aren’t clear on what a Manager would even do… let alone what attributes make a good manager.   But… it doesn’t need to be a super stressful and daunting process. In today’s episode, I chat with our Motivating Managers Program Coach, Greta Veint about what attributes make a good Manager and how YOU can get ready for a Manager in ‘Where Do I Find a Manager?’.    Here is why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Know where to find a Motivating Manager
  2. Learn the attributes all Managers should have
  3. Understand how YOU can get ready for your new Manager

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