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Today in health, it we're going to take a stroll through the headlines. I'm actually on vacation this week, but I thought I'd drop a few shows that I'm recording ahead of time. And. , I'm just gonna have fun with it, to be honest with you. So we'll see where it goes. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system.

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All right. I get a lot of these emails. This one's from Becker's health it and CIO report has let's see, 14 headlines. I'm going to stroll through them. I think. , you know, we'll see what we find out. , data-driven approach required to transform healthcare. Mayo clinic CEO says. And what I'll do is a lot of times I'll just read the headline and see what I thought.

, so doctor. Phrygia outline four steps. The health system must take to get there to that. That data-driven approach completely safeguard patients' data, use platforms to innovate, increase, access, to skill and knowledge. Take the hospital to the patient and use platforms. To improve equity. Those are pretty sound. I like those. , I would probably delve more into that story just based on the highlights.

Fortune five hundreds, top 25 health care companies, full story. So let's see they have a list and these are the fortune 500 top 25 health care companies. My, the first thing I would do is scroll through this, to see who are the first providers I see. And that is HCA. And ACA is on that list as is Molina healthcare.

As his tenant healthcare. And then they have some, some facts here. The list includes loving companies, specializing in medical facilities of those. Nashville Tennessee base HCA rains holding the 62nd spot overall with 58.75 billion in revenue up 14% year over year. Number two of the 11 ranked companies specializing in medical facilities, surgery partners, the Brentwood, Tennessee based surgical facilities company.

Saw the greatest revenue growth at 19.6, 20% revenue growth, taking them to $2.2 billion. So specialty medical facilities seems to be growing. That would be something I'd keep an eye on from a competitive standpoint. , the list includes six health insurance and managed care companies. United health group comes out on top landing fifth in the fortune 500 rankings at 287.

Billion dollars in revenue up 11.8% year over year. So health insurance, 287 billion United health group. That is a formidable. Potentially competitor. , number four 15 pharmaceuticals and how service companies are ranked. With CVS health leading the group, it holds for spot in the fortune 500 rankings overall at 292 billion.

In revenue up 8.7% and then they have the actual rankings, which I, you know, again, I find, find interesting. Here's why an Amazon launches healthcare accelerator with focus on health equity. And as I'm looking at this, this is interesting to me. If I were just to read this and make my assumption, I would make the assumption that this is a result of.

Aaron Martin joining the organization. Quite frankly, that that would be my, my gut, nothing in this story would indicate that that's true. , but, , given his background at Providence, he may have had that, had some influence on that. I don't know, it doesn't really give you. There's really not much to this story. They don't really give you.

, much to, , to go on. , 14 health systems seeking EHR talent. Let's see what this one has. So, , epic, you have Alameda duke university health, , Providence, Centura health are all seeking. , epic specialists. , Cerner, you have Oaklawn hospital Ascension Excelsior. , Charleston West Virginia area medical center are all seeking Cerner experts.

Allscripts you have PIH health in Whittier, California community health system. And Franklin Tennessee. , Meditech, you have Valverde. Central peninsula community Memorial health system, common spirit health, so fair amount of activity. And if you're looking for a job or to change jobs, There are, , opportunities out there.

Let's see next one, Intermountain, Boston children's and more scaling tele-health programs. And let's just do the overview on this three telehealth expansion projects, health systems have recently created and deployed. Driggs Idaho based Teton valley health hospital created tele burn, a telehealth program design.

To care for both adults and children affected by injuries such as burns, frostbite and skin slouching. So that would make sense. In Idaho, Boston children's hospital, partnered with virtual care platform, Sue Musk global to come up with an innovative idea and technology that will allow it specialist to reach more patients regardless of their location.

The partnership also scale up Boston children's hospitals. Online second opinion program, which virtually connects patients with pediatric physician. Ah, that makes sense. Given their specialty. Burley Idaho base Intermountain Cassiah regional hospitals launching pediatric telehealth consults. A program that will provide access to pediatric trauma and critical care specialist provider to provide our consultations and connect physicians and nurses to salt lake city based in around primary care, our primary children's hospital with Intermountain to see a regional caregivers and patients. So you have three examples of how they're scaling up their tele-health program.

Let's see what tech leaders consider before investing in digital health companies. If there's, if this can be browsed, I will. There it is. It can be bras. It's one of the things I like about Becker's they, they sort of summarize these stories. , executives from four health systems with venture fund arms spoke to Becker's about what criteria they look for before spending their investment dollars companies that want to solve meaningful problems. Brenton burns executive vice president at UPMC enterprises said.

He looks for digital health companies who want to solve a meaningful problem and provide real value to patients and providers. , collaboration Dr. May Yunque to nausea. Tenasia. Director of venture investments at Peoria, Illinois based OSF healthcare said he invests in digital health companies that are looking to collaborate with and receive feedback from clinicians and other professionals within the health system.

Adoption Richard Murley presidency of new Hyde park, New York based Northwell holdings considers the ease of adoption, scalability, and value. Of a digital health company before investment and in personalized experience, Matt Warren's managing director of innovation at Des Moines. Iowa based unity point health invest in digital health companies that provides an easier, more personal experience for patients and providers. So, , some interesting, interesting, , concepts here.

its employees to for care in:

, this is important because Walmart has a center of excellence program. They identify the best people to send their 1.6 million employees to in case they need care. And so they identify. I think based on costs, outcomes, and a bunch of other data that they've collected over time. And so this would represent.

I think cost-effective high-quality care in these areas. , cardiac Cleveland clinic, Geisinger, , Virginia Mason medical center out of Seattle. And some of my pajama graphy based if I thought about it. A weight loss surgery. You have Emory Geisinger, Intermountain, , Northeast Baptist hospital.

Northwest medical center. Ochsner. Scripts university, hospitals and Cleveland spine surgery. You have Emory Geisinger Carolina neurosurgery and spine associates. Mercy hospitals, Springfield, Mayo clinic, Arizona, Mayo, Florida, Mayo, Minnesota Memorial Hermann. Oschner, , Virginia Mason medical center, Seattle.

Breast lung colorectal. Prostate and blood cancer, Mayo, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota. , hip and knee replacement. You have a pretty long list here. Emory Geisinger, Johns Hopkins. , Kaiser in Irvine, California, Mayo, Florida, Minnesota mercy hospital, Springfield, Northeast. Baptist hospital, San Antonio Oschner scripts, university hospital, Cleveland, Virginia Mason.

And then Oregon tissue transplants, except cornea and intestinal. You have all the males, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota. So I think that's an interesting story to look at. , you know, what's my, so what as I look at these stories, Hard to say really data-driven approach. I believe data is going to be the key over the next, , forever.

aying data is the key back in:

Who are

looking to disintermediate us. , Amazon launches healthcare accelerator with focus on health equity. , great, good for them. Like it, , 14 health system seeking HR talent. There's going to be a battle for each our talent. That's going to continue. , the expansion of the telehealth programs. I like what these companies are doing with regard to telehealth. And I'd want to know that our telehealth program is.

heir employees to for care in:

And so it represents the best. The best that a Walmart has identified for their employees. And I would want to be on that list and I'd ask myself the question, what does it take to not necessarily buy that less, but to be qualified, to be on that list? That's I'd be thinking about it.

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