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The Science of Sex - Dr. Zhana & Joe Pardavila 26th February 2019
#57 – Why People Make Out in Public
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#57 – Why People Make Out in Public

I’m sure you’ve heard of straight women making out in public with other women in order to attract male attention? It’s a phenomenon called “performative making out” or making out for an audience, and in Episode #57, we invited one of the main researchers studying it, Dr. Kate Esterline, to tell us all about it.

Are straight(ish) women the only ones who do it? How about gay women and men? How about straight(ish) guys? Why do you people do it? How is it different when people make out with someone of the gender that is congruent versus incongruent with their sexual orientation? Do people actually get what they were after with their makeouts? Listen on…

About our Guest

Dr. Kate Esterline earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kansas in 2018. She is now working as a post-doctoral therapist at Purdue University’s Counseling and Psychological Services. Her research has focused on gendered experiences of performing sexual behavior, such as making out, in front of others and on understanding how people conceptualize and experience outness about sexual orientation. The majority of her time currently is spent doing clinical work, but she continues to collaborate with colleagues at the University of Kansas.

You can read up on Kate’s studies here and here.


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